Plumber repairing toilet with a hand plunger.

Don’t Flush This Down Your Toilet

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, its that spending time and money fixing your plumbing can be a headache. Whichever route you take, DIY repair or paying out for a contractor, the end result is the same; you dedicate a lot of time and money to the project. Unfortunately, plumbing issues are a hazard of owning a home. However, many plumbing issues are caused by avoidable circumstances.

How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems with Basic Tools and Skills

How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems – A Complete DIY with Basic Tools and Skills

In today’s article, you will learn how to repair weak showers, clogged drains, toilet stop ups, and clogged traps. Unblocking Traps Traps is one of the most common and affected areas where blockages occur. You can use snakes in order to unblock and unclog traps but if you are looking at a sink trap,…