One of your greatest expenses is energy to heat your home. We understand that and want to help. Let our technicians show you our tools, to help you see your savings first hand. No job is too big or too small, we can provide full furnace repair, replacements, maintenance and installation. Losch does it all without sacrificing on quality.

We will have you nice and warm in no time at all! Experience the luxuries of temperature equilibrium and never fear the cold again no matter how harsh the winter is. Call us today for energy-efficient heating services and trusted guidance.


Our 21 Point WHOLE Home Heating Plan is your answer.

Electronic Combustion Analyzers, Thermal Cameras, Bore-Scopes and our brand new customer record system. We will be able to know every part in your system, every opportunity for savings and most importantly exactly what you might need if something goes wrong unexpectedly. Your total cost of ownership is not just the price to clean your furnace. It is the total cost of the Fuel, Maintenance, Parts and Efficiency of your system and home.

GOOD (Basic Service)

1. Clean interior of heat exchanger, flue pipe and base of stack (if possible)

2. Replace oil filter cartridge, oil burner nozzle and air filter

3. Check combustion chamber

4. Clean electrodes and set proper gap

5. Check and test operating and safety controls

6. Check and lubricate motors

7. Check and adjust fan belt

8. Adjust heating unit to maximum efficiency

9. Perform an efficiency check of Unit

Better (Basic Warranty)

10. Inspect and Cover Under warranty:

  • Burner Motor
  • Shaft Couplings
  • Nozzle
  • Oil Strainer
  • Ignition Points
  • Ignition Wires
  • Ignition Transformer
  • Cad Cell, Cad Cell Relay
  • Primary Safety Control
  • Fan and Limit Control
  • Blower*/Circulator Motor*

BEST (Whole Home Savings)

11. Inspect and Bleed all Radiators or check all air ducts and returns (Borescope if needed)

12. Record and photograph all critical parts for emergency service.

13. Thermal image of Radiator/ Duct performance (identify issues with flow or buildup)

14. Thermal images of Unit Heat Loss/efficiency

15. Exterior Thermal Images (4 sides)

16. Savings Calculator customized to your home efficiency, fuel spend and heat loss sources.

17. Thermostat analysis and savings calculation

18. Fuel Source inspection (Contamination Check)

19. Indoor Air Quality Check

20. Winterization Quote (Sealing of doors, windows, insulation)

21. Priority Service 24/7 (No Charge on Warranty Items for 1 Year)


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