In the event of extreme conditions we will make every effort to safely get to your location. We are one of the very few organizations equipped with 4 wheel drive. plows and chains for our vehicles. Our commitment to you and your family is something we take very seriously. We will prioritize our Contracted customers first in the event of significant call volumes, so please contact us today to be on the top of our list!

Safety is the number one concern during any crisis situation. We are equipped and trained to help in any scenario. We have on-call plumbers, drivers, HVAC specialists, and more ready to respond quickly to your disaster needs!



We take safety seriously, we want all of our team home at night, and we want you to have the peace of mind that we did not cut any corners, take any risks or compromise your safety or your property.

We want our customers for life, and we want our employees to work in a safe, risk managed way. Please be patient if we ask for the time, use the tools or do the little extras that can have us all sleeping easier at night.

If you notice our Safe practices, comment on it! Our technicians appreciate hearing that the extra effort they put in for you and us does not go unnoticed!


  • Have your address (and possibly directions) ready. As well as a contact number you will be at, if  we need more directions or information.
  • Describe your problem (what may have failed or broken) as clearly as possible. Parts, Models or other information that will help us bring what failed and will speed your recovery back to everything being in working order (We stock our own parts in our 8,000 sq ft warehouse).
  • Stay safely away from electrical, heat or other possible hazards we can safely handle when we arrive.
  • If possible clear items, vehicles or objects from the area we may need to quickly get to. Only move what you can safely be near, or may obstruct us.
  • Let us visit before we have an emergency! We will capture critical information to speed our arrival and resolution of your problem!
  • Commercial water heaters are a popular concern for our emergency services, please call us right away if you have any reason to suspect a potential issue in the future with your current commercial or residential water heater.


Schedule your NON-Emergency service online, or give us a call. We’ll get back to you right away. We have 24/7 coverage and our scheduling staff will make sure you get that call back others never make.


CALL US TODAY! 570-385-2600

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