NewsPA Bill to Help Trade Students

Governor Tom Wolf has signed a bill that will significantly help the state of Pennsylvania’s trade and technology high school students. Governor Wolf signed House Bill 202, also called Act 6, into effect on June 21st.

The bill allows students studying in the realm of career and technology (CTE) to pursue a different course for high school graduation. Previously, in order for a Pennsylvania student to graduate, it was necessary that they pass the Keystone Exam.

It is the administration’s belief that the competencies demonstrated by the Keystone Exams do not accurately represent the skill sets of the entire student body. That is why students in CTE will no longer be required to pass the Keystone Exam to graduate. Now students in CTE will, in order to graduate, have to pass competency exams in their related field(s). As the students’ studies revolve around these trade subjects, the state government believes that being tested in these areas will be a fitting practice.

House Speaker Mike Turzai elaborated on the bill, saying, “We continue to recognize the importance of providing multiple avenues for students to demonstrate educational achievement, especially for students enrolled in career and technical education. This law will ensure our career and technical education system is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of emerging industries, is accountable to ensure every child has a chance to succeed, and is providing robust support for our educators.”

This shows that Governor Wolf and the rest of his administration are dedicated to ensuring that Pennsylvania’s student body receive as many opportunities to succeed as possible. It is also encouraging for businesses in the trade industry, as it means that there is significant thought being put into the preservation and continuation of Pennsylvania’s trade field. According to Rep. Mike Tobash, the state’s economy is in desperate need for trade workers, and this bill will go a long way to ensuring that students will feel encouraged to enter these fields.