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Cleaning Products from Your Cupboard

With winter in full swing, many outdoor home projects have been put on hold until the spring. Many homeowners turn towards their interior projects to keep themselves occupies over the cold winter months. The snow storms can get pretty bad, and some may find themselves shut in for a day or two.

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Why is Paint so Important in Your Home?

A fresh coat of paint is a pleasing sight to behold. Whether interior or exterior, when your home gets some new paint, it immediately looks better. At some point or another, every home will need a fresh coat of paint. It’s a good idea to repaint your home in order to keep it looking clean and inviting.
If you live in an area that regularly experiences inclement weather, you will likely need to repaint the exterior of your home more often than the paint is advertised to last. Inclement weather can seriously hurt a home’s exterior paint coat.

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Add Some Space to Your Home

Whether you live in a studio apartment, or a 3-bedroom home, one thing that you are probably always longing for is more space. No matter how you arrange your rooms, it always feels like there isn’t enough space for you and all of your belongings. This is a much more common problem than you may think, and it seems like everyone suffers from it.

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Don’t Flush This Down Your Toilet

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, its that spending time and money fixing your plumbing can be a headache. Whichever route you take, DIY repair or paying out for a contractor, the end result is the same; you dedicate a lot of time and money to the project. Unfortunately, plumbing issues are a hazard of owning a home. However, many plumbing issues are caused by avoidable circumstances.

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Remodeling with Repurposed Barn Materials Indoors

When redoing a room or other part of a home, often the biggest concern is acquiring the materials to do said project. You can easily enough go to your local hardware store to purchase the materials. However, this can be very costly, particularly if you are doing significant amounts of work. Most people chalk this expense up as unavoidable. Where would you be able to find high-quality materials for an affordable price? The answer is in our nation’s past. Consider using repurposed barn materials for your next remodel project!

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Energy Saving Tips For The Winter

As surprising as it may seem, winter is just around the corner. The leaves are already falling in droves off of the trees, and the weather is certainly getting colder. Soon enough, the northeast U.S. will be experiencing snowfalls and other inclement weather. This season is welcomed by some, while it is shunned by many others. One thing is certain; energy costs go up significantly during the winter.
Is there any way to combat the climbing energy prices this season?

Light brown hardwood floors

How to Pair Paint and Hardwood Floors

When remodeling a room, balance is key to establishing a welcoming and stylish environment. Color and shading are some of the most important pieces to this puzzle. Walls should be painted a color that invites the occupant, while also complementing the rest of the room. Pairing the furniture with the color of the walls is…

Beautiful home with for sale sign in foreground

Staged to Sell – Easy Remodeling Tips for an Earlier Home Sale

When selling a home, it is important to take everything into consideration. Even the smallest details can weigh heavily on a house’s likelihood of a sale. It may seem counter intuitive to invest money in a house you are trying to sell, but simple, cost-effective remodeling efforts can make a significant impact on the desirability…

Stacked copper plumbing pipes

Types of Pipes: Picking the Right Piping for your Plumbing

There is a wide variety of different pipe materials that can be used in plumbing. Depending on when a home is built, the type of pipe used can vary widely. It is important to understand the basic differences between the most popular pipe types. There are a few reasons for this. It is important to…