Get Immediate Support with Our Remote Diagnostic Service Tool

Immediate answers and support for issues in your home or business are readily available at your fingertips with our remote diagnostic service tool.

For 91 years, Losch Services has protected critical services for Pennsylvania homes and businesses. Our remote diagnostic service tool will allow us to continue to provide the same quality service while protecting our community, employees, and customers.

Industry Breakthrough

We are among the first in the nation to utilize this breakthrough tool that allows us to use a two-way video communication to hold a conversation with customers in their home or business. In many scenarios, this technology allows us to diagnose the problem, provide a price quote, and give direction on simple resets or repairs without ever stepping foot in your home.

  • Reduce Contact and Time in Home
  • Meet Critical Service Needs
  • Get a Walk-Through Solution for the Repair
  • Staff Arrives Prepared
  • If Parts Are Needed, We Can “Drop” Them
  • Get a Price Quote

If you’re interested in downloading our remote diagnostic service tool and setting up a two-way video conversation, please call 570-385-2600 or fill out the form and a representative will contact you with further instructions.

No Contact Service

For customers who do require in-person service, our technicians will enter and leave your home without direct contact. All communications regarding service and repair options will occur by phone. We are committed to maintaining the health and safety of our customers and staff while continuing to provide 24/7 support during this difficult time.