The fact is almost all drains clog over time. Kitchen and bathroom drains clog up from hair, sediment, food, and other various causes. But other often overlooked drain clogs include basement/utility room drains and outdoor drains.

It’s important to check these occasionally to make sure there is no back flow leaking into potential damaging spots.

Have a Slow Drain?

Slowly draining water is the telltale sign of a clog, and it usually gets worse over time if it goes untreated. Losch has a variety of drain cleaning techniques depending on the cause and severity.

Not only do we clean your drains to remove any clogs, we routinely check for potential leakage and other important conditions that may be related to your drainage problems.

Our plumber is trained to not just clean and unclog your drain, but to help prevent future blocked drains and keep them opened for continuous smooth flow for as long as possible. Your drain will be repaired and remain clear as long as you keep us around for your plumbing needs!