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Losch Services is proud to offer high quality commercial refrigeration services to restaurants, commercial kitchens and other business owners in the Berks and Schuylkill County area. Whether you need repair or replacement for your cooler, icemaker or long-draw tap system, we’ll be happy to help so you can continue to satisfy your customers without interruption. Our commercial refrigeration equipment includes an option for every bar, restaurant, bakery, deli, or grocery store. We even carry a range of specialized products, from bar refrigerators and bottle coolers to chef bases and blast chillers.

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Why Losch?

If you work in the food industry, you know that customer service is extremely important to the success of your business. At Losch, we feel the same way. We treat our customers like family, offering the highest quality professional work using only the best brand name equipment.

We understand that you depend on your refrigeration systems to keep food, and ultimately the people you serve, safe. We hold our experienced technicians to the highest possible standards, so you can feel confident your systems are reliable and your customers are protected.

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Losch Joins Forces with Wolf’s Refrigeration

In 2017, Losch Services purchased Wolf Refrigeration, a local company with 68 years of commercial refrigeration experience. We’re excited to continue providing exceptional sales, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems to Wolf’s customers and offer the same commitment to new customers as well.

Now selling national brands of coolers, icemakers, long-draw tap systems & food service equipment!

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